Levels 2 and 3 First Aid and Fire Marshall Courses available in our Safety Centre, no previous experience necessary and a range of over 32 safety courses  available, please contact for more information.

Within Forklift our courses are available to anyone past School leaving age.  No formal driving licence or previous experience is necessary - we are here to help everyone from complete novices to those who only require a refresher course only.

 A 5 Day novice training course will offer the successful candidate a Counterbalance OR reach truck certificate in-centre.

Certificates are fully ITSSAR accredited and transferable nationwide (And in some EU countries too). If you are unsure that your certificate will be recognised abroad please contact ITSSAR direct.FLT Loading

Novice Training

For novices who require both Counterbalance and Reach truck training, 8** day courses are recommended,  the aim of which is to ensure you leave with both the certificate and the confidence to operate FLT's in a working* environment on completion.   Forklift Training Academy Instructors have many years experience in training, this also means they are are aware of nerves at test!

Untrained operators

3 day courses are offered to those with recent experience but who have not undergone training and are unaware of the recommended safety levels and testing procedures required.

3 day conversion courses

For those with recent training/experience of operating either a counterbalance OR reach truck in the workplace, a 3 day conversion is required as each truck has its own Category certificate.  Often trained operators with experience may need both Counterbalance and Reach truck certificates to enable them to operate more than one truck type in the workplace.

Refresher Courses

Specifically for trained and experienced operators who require an up-to-date certificate.


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 * Often a much faster paced area that the training environment you learned in

** 8 days Instruction include: 5 day novice plus a three day conversion course.



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